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    We Guarantee What We Say!!

    Our Formula for Success is a Simple One:

    1.  We Guarantee to only use  top of the line Picc Line materials for your patients.
    2.   We Guarantee to Educate your staff on the proper care of our Picc Lines. Our educational programs are ON-LINE, Free to Our Clients, flexible, convenient and meet nursing standards.
    3. Most Important, We guarantee to reduce your Vascular Access Expenses by at least 20%.

    Not all Picc Line company’s are created equal, while it may be profitable for these company’s to purchase the lowest priced picc lines on the market. A substandard picc line increases the likelihood of clotting, DVT’s, and possible infections. When a picc line malfunctions, you have no choice but to call and absorb additional costs to declot or replace the line. This is not good for the facility or for the patient.


    We Promise to provide the Highest quality Vascular Access Service, Utilizing the latest in Vascular Access Technology and dedicate ourselves to Educating our Clients, so we may Positively Impact our Client’s budget and Enhance the care of the Patients we Serve.

    Services We Offer

    PICC Lines
    Mid Lines
    Peripheral IV's
    Nurse Education
    Patient Education

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