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    Tina Marie Whetstone, RN, CRNI


    Tina Marie Whetstone, is the Owner/President/CEO of Epicc Vascular Tampa Bay. She provides infusion education, PICC/MIDLINE insertions and vascular consults.
    Tina Marie Whetstone has 26 years of experience in Infusion nursing and vascular access device insertions in the field including the home health setting, ambulatory infusion suite setting, hospital medical/surgical and burn unit among others. She has written new policies and procedures for infusion therapy. Notable is her 25 years as a Vascular Access Clinician and educator with 3 different employers. In that role, Tina Marie Whetstone managed, supervised & initiated vascular access teams. Writing policies and procedures for infusion therapy in the Ambulatory Infusion Suite and Home Health settings.

    Tina Marie Whetstone received her Associate degree in Nursing St. Petersburg College. She is also certified in infusion therapy by the Infusion Nursing Society.
    Prior to her current position, Tina Marie Whetstone was a Nursing Coordinator for Pharmacare Infusion in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has also served as the Vascular Access Device Educator for Long term care facilities across the Honolulu area for Pharmacare. She also assisted in implementing the PICC insertion program with Sherlock 3CG/US.

    Tina Marie Whetstone is a member of several professional organizations including the Infusion Nursing Society and AVA.

    In 2007, Tina Marie Whetstone received the Employee of the month for her contribution in healthcare services to patients and families in the greater Tampa Bay Area.
    In striving to provide the best health care possible, Tina Marie Whetstone believes in “real world” hands on training and best practice. She also strives to educate other nursing professionals in taking time to listen and understand each patient’s needs. Her primary concern is to cultivate a professional environment where each patient feels comfortable, receives focused attention, and is given exceptional care.

    Tina Marie Whetstone says, “The best part of my job is educating the nurses on vascular access care and insertion and interacting with patients. I love to share my knowledge with new graduates and seasoned nurses on vascular access. Their faces and enthusiasm tell it all after a class.”

    On a personal level, Tina Marie Whetstone lives in Hernando Beach, FL with her Veteran husband, of 27 years, their daughter and 3 dogs. She also had a son who is deceased in 2017. She has an adopted daughter in Clearwater, FL who is her Director of Operations and Sales and 2 adopted grandchildren. In her free time, Tina Marie Whetstone enjoys bowling, photography, going to movies, spending time with family.

    “I look forward to working with you to provide the best care to patients and providing your staff with “real world” hands on training.”

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