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    Aldo Arredondo, RN


    Aldo Arredondo, RN is a lifelong resident of central Texas and San Antonio.   His extensive nursing experience is derived from his impressive military service, having served for over 10 years with various combat ready units including the Famous 10th Mountain Division, at Ft. Drum, New York.  Mr. Arredondo received his licensed vocational nursing degree at Ft. Sam Houston Texas with additional training at Ft. Bliss Texas.  Mr. Arredondo, RN, was deployed twice in support of operation Iraqi Freedom serving as a tactical combat casualty care responder to battlefield casualties.  A promotion to instructor allowed his expertise to be passed on to others who provided the professional care of American and Iraqi soldiers during combat operations.  Upon his graduation as a registered nurse, he served in the Department of Defense (DOD) only intensive care unit of burn casualties t San Antonio Military Medical Center. Mr. Arredondo, RN, holds various specialties in wound care treatment and ICU nursing care.  He is a competitive cyclist completing both 50 and 100 miles races.  Mr. Arredondo, RN, spends his leisure time in the company of his two adoring children.  His passion for his patients, adherence to standards and care of his employees drives Mr Arredondo, RN, to deliver vascular Access Services at the highest levels.

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