Picc Line Declot / Removal

Epicc Vascular has achieved over 90% success rate in catheter declotting, which is the best rate in the industry. The recommended method for declotting a PICC Line is based on the type of catheter occlusion; There are two types, complete occlusion and partial occlusion.

A catheter that has no blood return and allows infusion is a partially occluded catheter. A catheter that has no blood return and does not allow infusion is a complete occlusion. A partial occlusion can be resolved with a direct instillation of Activase.

This method can be repeated twice. When the occlusion is not resolved after a second attempt, the catheter must be replaced or removed. Declot of a midline is not recommended. All catheter declots should only be attempted by nurses who have completed a certification course due to the risk of bactermia.

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