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    Danny Posada, RN


    Danny Posada is the President and CEO of Epicc Vascular of the Rio Grande Valley. He is a life-long resident of Harlingen, Texas. He has been in the healthcare setting for over 20 years. He began his career as a Paramedic serving both the upper and lower Rio Grande Valley. Vascular access proved vital in emergency settings and starting IV’s in a moving ambulance, although a challenge, optimized his skills and gained him expertise. Danny’s nursing experience include Med-Surg, ICU, Pediatric, Administration, LTAC’s and his steady “true north” of ER. In many instances, Danny was often called over to various floors to aid with vascular compromised patients.

    In his administrative roles, Danny implemented a steadfast, interactive training and mentoring program for his staff. It allowed novice nurses to gain knowledge and immediate feedback from experienced mentors to steadily produce confident nurses. He feels that empowering nurses with hands-on, interactive training while keeping communicative relationships between students and mentors not only ensure but optimize patient safety and outcomes.

    As the program progressed, Danny discovered his passion for teaching. He instructs classes for various certifications including BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc. He also plays an active role in community awareness…most recently, advocating and promoting the “Stop the Bleed” Campaign.

    Jessica G. Posada, RN

    Director of Clinical Operations

    Jessica Posada is also a lifelong resident of Harlingen, Texas. She is the eldest of 5 children for Joe and Hilda Gonzalez. With almost 10 years, Jessica’s nursing experiences range from ICU, Home Health, PDN, Nursery, L&D, Post-Partum, Mental Health to school nursing. In all fields she was utterly aware of the importance of vascular access and the need for specialized IV education.

    Jessica received her BAIS and was an educator in public schools for 10 years. Her passion for teaching was evident early on, “My profession is teaching…nursing is another discipline that I teach.” Jessica’s philosophy of teaching begins with concrete, tangible experiences, then spirals into abstract logic with critical thinking as a factor all along the way. She believes that students MUST have that opportunity to play and touch materials and instruments rather than just observe a simulation lab and discuss a topic. She practices a simple rule of “Show one, Do one, Teach one.”

    Jessica decided to pursue a career in nursing in order to broaden her spectrum of expertise and invest in a new passion. During her nurse education process, she discovered the various miscommunications and difficulties in molding the minds of future healthcare professionals and a need for differentiating teaching methodologies. Such including, specialized classes providing meaningful scenario-based experiences along with opportunities for interaction holistically amongst the healthcare circle. Therefore, Jessica is now combining her areas of expertise in both education and nursing to ensure and produce highly qualified, specialized, but most importantly: empowered nurses.

    Danny and Jessica keep busy juggling the schedules of their three children with various sports and school functions. They enjoy soaking the sun on the beach, frequent road trips and just spending time with family and friends over Sunday barbeques. Danny and Jessica are eager and honored to proudly serve the Rio Grande Valley!

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