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    Jingyi “Jason” Deng, MSN, CRNP
    CEO, Managing Owner

    Christopher Phung, BSN, RN
    CEO/Director of Clinical Operations

    Phong Nguyen, MBA
    Chief Marketing Officer

    About Us

    As members of Epicc Vascular Philadelphia, our priority is to deliver punctual, precise, and proficient care to all patients. We achieve this through our carefully selected nursing and administrative team utilize operating systems to standardize our superior care model.

    Our clients can reach us 24/7 by utilizing our world class U.S. based call center to triage immediate needs. From there, our administrative team assigns the workload to one of our certified vascular access nurses. Subsequently, our nurse will deliver the care to the client requested, provide necessary documentation, and staff education. Every central line we place meets the standards of JCAHO, AVA, INS, and CDC. Every central line is also confirmed with an Arrow Vascular Positioning System Rhythm or a chest x-ray.

    Our seamless care delivery model improves our client’s patient satisfaction, decreases length of stay, and decreases costs associated with hospital transfers or expensive interventional radiology referrals. This synergistic model is mutually beneficial and can be incorporated into any healthcare facility.

    In addition to performing procedures, our staff also provide education for ultrasound guided central and peripheral access. We are passionate about precision medicine and standardizing vascular access procedures for hospitals and facilities. Where there are students, our trained professionals can assist with maximizing incidence or first pass success.

    Our executive team will return any inquiry within 24 hours and our call center is able to triage all orders, questions, and client needs 24/7/365.

    Our promise is to provide the world class service our patients need and deserve.

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    Peripheral IV's
    Nurse Education
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