Denette J. Buenrostro, RN
President and CEO:

Mrs. Buenrostro, RN is the Founder and President of Epicc Vascular®; a company totally devoted to providing Best in Class Vascular Access Services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, infusion centers and physician offices. A signature value item of the Epicc Vascular® brand is the comprehensive “Real World” Nurse Education program which has trained thousands of nurses in the care and management of Central Vascular Devices.


Additionally, Mrs. Buenrostro is the Founder and President of Epicc Vascular® Holdings, Inc. a company devoted to the successful development of Vascular Access Franchise operations throughout the United States.  Presently, Epicc Vasculars’® National footprint of Franchises extends to 15 states with more franchises scheduled to start operations in the coming year.

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Mrs. Buenrostro, RN has trained thousands of nurses in IV Therapy/Picc Line Care and Maintenance using the popular concept of “Real World”  training. She’s a recognized speaker and educator and was a featured speaker at the 2016 Infusion Nurse Society National Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.,  2016 Parkinson’s Disease Symposium, her success story was featured in a 2016 article of MD News and was Interviewed at KENS 5 Television program Great Day SA.  Mrs. Buenrostro is the Co-Founder of the “Circle of Care”, the first comprehensive model for Long Term Antibiotics in the Home Setting.

Her Lobbying efforts in support of Health Care legislation has brought much needed attention to Bills that help extend coverage to patients who otherwise would not be covered for Vascular Access services.

With over 15 years of nursing experience, Mrs. Buenrostro is an expert in nursing quality care, Best Practices and quality assurance, she has extensive Executive Clinical Management experience in the areas of Vascular Access and Home Health.

Mrs. Buenrostro, RN, brings a unique sense of leadership instilled in her while serving as a member of the Armed Forces Medical Corps, 3rd Infantry Div. Germany, she is a successful entrepreneur, having previously founded and co-founded two medical companies in addition to a cosmetics line; Buenrostro Cosmetics.

“When I started Epicc Vascular®, I had 3 goals. The first was: to always exercise unquestionable business Ethics. The second was, to save our clients money through superior services and superior Picc Line materials and the third was to Educate nurses on the care of Vascular Devices and Nursing Standards at little or no cost. When these 3 goals are combined, the benefit is to our clients and the patients they serve. 

Denette Buenrostro, RN


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