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    Joe D. Sanchez, RN, BHA


    Joe Sanchez is a registered nurse in Austin, Texas. He started his vascular career in 1995 in Midland Texas working as a nationally certified phlebotomist in a hospital setting while taking courses for acceptance into nursing school. Upon completion of his ADN at Midland College in Midland Texas, he began his professional career as a registered nurse in the intensive care and emergency departments. With his solid vascular background, Joe excelled early in his career at IV access much to the benefit of the patients he served. Joe relocated to Central Texas in 1999 and in 2006, he transitioned into the surgical and cardiac cath lab departments where he was presented with the opportunity to work in an environment that incorporated more methods for vascular access like fluoroscopy and ultrasound. In 2010, Joe earned a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration, graduating magna cum laude from Concordia University in Austin Texas. Joe received his vascular access certification that same year and today is considered by his peers to be one of the best vascular access clinicians. Over Joe’s twenty year nursing career he has held preceptor, clinical, and leadership roles in acute care settings. He has assisted in physician training in electronic chart order entry and shared governance committees for nurses. He has received countless accolades and honors such as the Daisy Award and Caregiver of the Year. Joe joined the Epicc team in 2015 and brings his preceptor, clinical and leadership experience to Epicc Vascular Louisiana.

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