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    If I could help you reduce your Vascular Access costs by 20%, would you be interested?

    Would you like to continue to generate revenue even in the absence of a PICC team?

    Would you like to retain your patients in house and not transport them to the hospital for Vascular Access procedures?

    Would you like your staff to be Vascular Access proficient?

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    My name is Cherie Smart, CEO & Director of Clinical Services at Epicc Vascular Los Angeles®. Epicc Vascular Los Angeles® is a superior Mobile Vascular Access Service providing top quality PICC, Midlines and PIVs insertions and Vascular Access Education throughout the greater Los Angeles and Ventura area.

    We will provide vascular access services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, infusion centers, home health centers, physician offices, hospice care, urgent care centers, in-home services and more. Epicc Vascular’s® Corporate philosophy has been based on providing Superior Nurses, using Superior Products and providing “Real World” Education to our clients and patients. Epicc Vascular® has trained thousands of nurses in the care and management of Vascular Access Devices and has locations Nationwide and Internationally.

    As a registered nurse for over 30 years, my experience in primary care facilities include but is not limited to Vascular Access Teams, Preoperative, Circulator, Scrub and Post Operative Recovery Nurse in a Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology & Surgical Center, Clinical Nurse Educator Nationwide, Cardiac Catheterization Lab RN, Operating Room & Cardio Vascular Operating Room RN, Operating Room Nurse Educator, Emergency Room RN and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Level III RN. I’ve maintained high levels of patient care throughout my career and have always sought out learning and teaching challenges.

    Each of our nurses have over 1000 documented insertions plus outstanding bedside manner with demonstrated expertise in PICC line & Midline insertions, IV Placements with and without ultrasound guidance, PICC line declotting, PICC/Midline removal, Port accessing and serve as a Vascular Access Specialist resource for your nurses and patients. Epicc Vascular Los Angeles® requires all our Registered Nurses to be fully screened and vetted in accordance with JCAHO standards.

    Understanding the significance of continual updated education and the importance of providing others with this knowledge, Epicc Vascular Los Angeles® provides hands-on educational courses for nurses in Peripheral IV Therapy, PICC/Midline Care and Maintenance, as well as Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). Our nurses also provide necessary education to patients and their families, using terminology they understand and provide answers to their questions.



    To connect with decision makers in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Health Agencies, Infusion Clinics, Infectious Disease Offices, Cancer Centers, Infusion Pharmacies, Dr. Offices, Surgery Centers, Hospice Care and more. To also connect with hands on experienced Vascular Access Specialist RN’s who are interested in providing top notch care and education to patient, their families and facilities throughout the greater Los Angeles and Ventura area.


    We promise to provide the Highest quality Vascular Access Service, utilizing the latest in Vascular Access Technology and dedicate ourselves to educating our clients, so we may positively impact our client’s budget and enhance the care of the patients we serve.

    If you are interested in partnering with the BEST Mobile Vascular Access Company that abides by federal guidelines set by Joint Commission, the Infusion Nurse Society, and American Vascular Association; connect with me on LinkedIn or visit our website ⇒ Epicc Vascular Los Angeles®

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