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    Locally Owned and Operated

    Cray Campbell, COO

    Cray is a U.S. Navy veteran and currently working as a licensed Realtor in Yakima. He has five years of experience in the medical supply industry in a hospital environment. Cray worked six years in retail management. He has four years of experience as a small business owner and is the current owner/operator of Yakima Vending.

    Kari Campbell, MSN, RN, CRNI

    Kari has been a nurse for over 17 years receiving her BSN from Washington State University College of Nursing. She began her career at a small rural hospital where she wore many hats, including PICC line nurse. In 2006, Kari was invited to work per diem on a vascular access team at a larger hospital. Finding her niche, she became a full-time member of this team in 2009. During Kari’s time on the vascular access team, she was instrumental in introducing an ECG tip confirmation system to the organization.

    Kari obtained her Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) in 2013 and her MSN in Nursing Management from Sacred Heart University in 2017. Kari is passionate about the highest delivery of vascular access for quality patient care.

    Anthony Ennis, Director/Co-Owner

    Anthony grew up in the Yakima Valley and has worked in several different capacities around the valley. He has been an avid supporter of his wife Sheena pursuing her dreams in the medical field and has long admired her dedication to patient care as well as her desire to improve patient access to medical care. He is excited about his new role as an entrepreneur and enthusiastic about learning more about healthcare.

    Sheena Ennis, RN, BSN

    Sheena has been a nurse for 9 years receiving her BSN from Western Governors University. She began her nursing career in 2010 working as a registered nursing on an inpatient psychiatric unit. There she fell in love with med-surg nursing and transitioned to float pool nursing, where she was able to experience a wide variety of disciplines, including time spent on the vascular access team. This is where she developed a love for vascular access after spending many shifts helping the hospitals IV therapy team and assisting with PICC line insertions. She eventually transitioned into ED nursing, where she has been working for the last several years, allowing her to place thousands of IV’s and gain knowledge about ports, PICCs and multiple other vascular accesses. Sheena is passionate about ensuring timely and effective patient care, but also ensuring her patients have a good experience at the same time.

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    PICC Lines
    Mid Lines
    Peripheral IV's
    Nurse Education
    Patient Education

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