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    Molly Thomas, BSN, RN


    Molly has been a nurse for over 9 year receiving her RN from The Baptist School of Health Professions and BSN from Grand Canyon University.
    She started in the ER as a new RN and very quickly realized the importance of vascular access. During her time in the ER she specialized in u/s guided peripheral IV insertions, loved teaching student nurses, and held numerous leadership roles. Her leadership roles in the ER helped prepare her as she transitioned into the role of Director of Nursing of a home health company. Molly established the nursing program from the ground up and learned so much along the way. One of the most important factors of her job has been implementing a strong training program for her nurses. She feels it Is a necessity to empower nurses through sound, thorough, hands on training. Empowered nurses are more confident and provide the best safe patient care which leads to better patient outcomes.

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