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    Ed Selleck – President

    Ed Selleck is a healthcare industry sales veteran with over 25 years of successful IT direct sales and sales management experience.  He has extensive experience selling large capital IT software solutions to complex healthcare organizations.

    He has worked for entrepreneurial start-ups as well as large Fortune 500 system integrators.  His experience spans all aspects of healthcare information technology to include payer systems and provider systems.  He has recently been active selling population health solutions to healthcare organizations that are going through transformation to value based care.

    Ed graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a BA degree in Marketing and a concentrated minor in Computer Science.  Ed has been trained in Fox based Holden sales methodology, Strategic Selling by Miller-Heiman, Pioneer selling methodology by Siebel, CounterIntuitive Strategies, and Challenger sales methodology.

    Ed enjoys an active life style and spends leisure time staying fit by hiking, running, resistance training, mountain biking and whatever allows him to be outdoors.

    Services We Offer

    PICC Lines
    Mid Lines
    Peripheral IV's
    Nurse Education
    Patient Education

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