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    We Guarantee What We Say!!

    Our Formula for Success is a Simple One:

    1.  We Guarantee to only use  top of the line Picc Line materials for your patients.
    2.   We Guarantee to Educate your staff on the proper care of our Picc Lines. Our educational programs are “Real World”, flexible, convenient and meet nursing standards.
    3. Most Important, We guarantee to reduce your Vascular Access Expenses by at least 20%.

    Not all Picc Line company’s are created equal, while it may be profitable for these company’s to purchase the lowest priced picc lines on the market. A substandard picc line increases the likelihood of clotting, DVT’s, and possible infections. When a picc line malfunctions, you have no choice but to call and absorb additional costs to declot or replace the line. This is not good for the facility or for the patient.


    We Promise to provide the Highest quality Vascular Access Service, Utilizing the latest in Vascular Access Technology and dedicate ourselves to Educating our Clients, so we may Positively Impact our Client’s budget and Enhance the care of the Patients we Serve.

    Tommy Lacson BSN, RN, CEN, VA-BC,

    Tommy, has worked as a registered nurse and nursing instructor for many years. He is board-certified in emergency nursing and vascular access. He also has several years of international nursing experience, having worked at hospitals in several Middle Eastern countries, including Kuwait and Oman. Tommy’s health care philosophy is simple: he believes in the value of hard work and providing expert and compassionate care to his patients. While working in the emergency department of a local hospital, he saw the need of vascular access expertise. So Tommy joined the hosptial’s clinical response team and filled that need, which includes inserting Picc lines, Midlines, ultrasound guided peripheral IV and IO –intraosseous in emergency situations. Tommy also loves teaching and provides instruction in American Heart Association advance cardiac life support and basic life support. He also gives nurses training in mock codes and skills day.

    In his free time Tommy enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, as well as traveling and participating in outdoor activities. He is also a member of a local bike club and enjoys riding his road bike. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Tommy wants to offer the best vascular access for the community and empower and educate nurses on how to provide the best care to their patients.

    Bonnie A Camper, RN, BSN, CRNI

    Graduated from the University of Maryland School of Nursing at Baltimore in 1983.
    Bonnie worked as an Intensive care nurse full time until 1992.She then decided to try something different, so the Visiting Nurse Association of D.C. was looking for nurses to work in their new infusion division. It was there that she found her niche for working with vascular access devices and infusion nursing. A year later, the opportunity came to work for a home infusion company, which broaden her knowledge about vascular access devices. It was here Bonnie placed her first PICC line and was introduced to The Infusion Nurse’s Society and became certified.

    Another opportunity became available for Bonnie to become Clinical Manager of the PICC team at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D,C,. It was here that she learned to place PICC’s and Midlines using ultrasound and the Modified Seldinger technique. Since that time, placing vascular access devices, teaching and learning about these devices has become a passion of hers.

    Bonnie also enjoys spending time with family, her daughter, three beautiful grand children and traveling. Bonnie is looking forward to providing “Superior Vascular Access” services to the community and relieve our hospitals from some of the burden for these procedures that can be done outside of the hospital and possibly decrease hospital re-admissions.

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    PICC Lines
    Mid Lines
    Peripheral IV's
    Nurse Education
    Patient Education

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