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Silvia L. Castro, RN BSN

Silvia L. Castro Registered Nurse graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso in 2000. As a novice nurse she started her career in the area of Critical Care. In 2002 she discovered her passion for Vascular access. Through her years of experience she was able to initiate vascular access services for one of the biggest hospital corporations with great success. In 2012 she had the opportunity to present her midline program outcomes at the association of vascular access in San Antonio, TX. In 2017 she opened a critical care unit for the first private teaching hospital in El Paso, TX. She implemented a vascular access program for this new facility with great outcomes. Today, she continues her passion In vascular access and has become the owner of EPICC Vascular for Southern New Mexico and West Texas. Her goal is to standardize vascular access practice in the region, reduce patient re-admissions, provide high quality and cost effective services and improve patient outcomes.

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PICC Lines
Mid Lines
Peripheral IV's
Nurse Education
Patient Education

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